How To Store Wine Glasses Around The House

You need to use your best wine glasses to enjoy your favourite wine, but it can be difficult to keep them intact, undamaged, and in the greatest condition. Typically, you would get your favourite red wine, burst the cork, and then go fetch your glasses from the cabinet. However, you would unintentionally knock your glasses, causing them to shatter. The moment is now gone, and you now have to deal with the trouble of cleaning up the broken glass. Then, you have the choice of skipping a glass of wine or switching to a tumbler! Storing wine glasses correctly is important. Choose the best option for you. whether it is wooden shelves or a hanging rack

Wine fridge

It doesn’t take much effort to be a casual wine connoisseur. Steal some bartender ideas and include wine glass storage in your area if you’re a wine enthusiast with a collection of wines and have invested in a wine freezer and cellars. Choose a wine cooler if you want dependable, long-lasting appliances that require less maintenance and don’t require constant temperature and humidity settings due to environmental changes. You can purchase a wine fridge with added space for glasses.

Hanging rack

But all hope is not lost. Instead of putting your glasses in the cupboard where they could get knocked over, try a glass storage box or a wine glass hanging rack. You won’t ruin that moment again if you use these two easy fixes. We can’t promise you won’t ever break a glass again, but we can assure you that it will lessen the likelihood! It’s crucial to properly store your glassware to avoid further chipping, breaking, or cracking. You should avoid touching your glasses and keep them away from heavily trafficked places (bowl or base). It is best to store glasses upside-down (bowl down / base up) to prevent dust and other debris from gathering within the bowl. These items allow you to hang wine glasses from their bases. The glasses are kept off the cabinet floor by being hung, which prevents them from chipping.

The cupboard

If your collection of wine bottles and wine glasses keeps growing daily, you’ll eventually run out of room. You ought to have a tiny, entirely devoted space just for wine glasses. Store your wine glasses neatly in the cupboard bowl up and place a non-slip mat and possibly drawers to pull out for easy access. Make sure to store the glasses in a closed cabinet if at all feasible rather than leaving them out on an open shelf where they will be exposed to the weather if you don’t want to invest in the hardware that enables you to hang the glassware. When you try to pour yourself some wine, if there is still some dust in the glass bowl, just give it a quick rinse. Just be sure to completely dry the glass afterwards to prevent the water from diluting the wine or from changing the wine’s flavours due to the chlorine and other minerals that were in the water.

The ability of wine glasses to break and chip easily is a considerably bigger drawback of upside-down storage than its benefits, which include protection from dust accumulation in the glass bowl. You must spend money on racks or hardware you can put in existing cabinets if you intend to store your glassware upside down. You will never look back once you’ve started organising your glassware!