7 Most Common Kitchen Problems

Having a kitchen comes with its benefits and cons. First, you can make your favorite meal or drink at the comfort of your home saving you tons of money that you would have rather used in an expensive restaurant.

Besides washing dishes, (which I know puts most of us off) you are going to be faced with some other challenges.

This article sets out to explore some of the challenges you shall face and give the best way to curb them.

1.  Less storage space

The problem with storage spaces in the kitchen is very rampant especially in big cities. This has brought about cluttered kitchen spaces and reduced functionality.

A lot of people prefer to rent out expensive homes just to get the luxury of having a big kitchen.

But this shouldn’t be so, there ways in which you can optimize the little space in the kitchen.

To create more space in the kitchen you can store your kitchen tools on a pegboard, floating shelves, buy a rolling kitchen cart, and also maximize your drawer space by installing drawer organizers.

2.  Broken pipes

Having broken pipes is a very common problem in most kitchens.

One of the root causes of broken pipes is freezing during winter, having blocked pipe, use of old outdated pipes, zero or regular maintenance, among others.

Some of the signs to watch out for are; bubbling sounds, sounds, and an increase in the water bill. All these might be signs that you have a distorted pipe.

3.  Blocked drainage

Another common problem in most kitchens is having a kitchen sink that does not drain.

Blocked drainage is mostly caused by food that was washed off plates.

The most common way of unclogging a sink is the use of a plunger. You can also dissolve the soda and vinegar but when combined it creates a fizzy reaction which helps loosen the clog.

4.  Faulty kitchen furniture and appliances

Another common type of problem in my face in your kitchen is having faulty furniture and appliances.

Some of the problems you might have with your appliances include; an undercooking oven, a fridge that does not stay cool, etc.

For the kitchen furniture, we encounter a faulty cabinet or a cabinet that does not open, a cabinet that loudly bangs, having falling out knobs, or a burst drawer.

Resume purchase bumpers to silence banging drawers, replace or fix broken cabinets.

It is shocking to know that the root cause of these problems might not be in the frequent use or misuse, rather in the purchase of cheap and poor-quality kitchen wares.

Some of these problems are also linked to poor installation. Having a poorly-rated furniture company might cost you in the end.

That is why I recommend that you visit  US-reviews and look at reviews related to home furniture companies.

Find a furniture company that you can trust and one that has been trusted by many other people to install and give the best kitchen furniture and appliances.

5.  Poor ventilation

I cannot stress enough the importance of air circulation in the kitchen.

When cooking food, grease may evaporate and stick on the walls and ceiling, making your kitchen unhygienic.

If you’re in a kitchen with poor ventilation, I suggest that you buy a window fan and use it every time you cook.

A simpler and inexpensive way to increase air circulation in the kitchen is by opening the windows.

It significantly helps when you have an odor coming from the kitchen. You don’t want to chase your guest away.

6.  Odor

Odor in the kitchen is caused by rotten food clogged in sink pipes, grease, dirty garbage, etc.

One of the ways to get rid of the odor is by cleaning garbage cans, you can also use vinegar, orange, or lemon.

You can make a baking soda scrub 30 will use to scrub away your sink or fridge.

7.  Insufficient lighting

Another type of problem you might find in our kitchen is the problem with lighting.

Underlit kitchen is associated with structural issues, the same ways in which we contribute to poor lighting.

Take, for example, a small and cluttered kitchen, where you can find appliances next to windows and sources of light.

The good thing is that even with poorly lit homes you can always improve your lighting. The straight-forward way is by installing more lighting bulbs.

For homes with small windows, you may choose to install bright counters and cabinets. It will overall contribute to a well-lit kitchen.

You can also choose to get under cabinet lighting to improve the lighting in your working area.