A Guide To Wine Cooler Temperatures

The following quote by Terri Guillemets perfectly explains how the correct temperature of cooling wine can be seen in a more poetic sense.”The springtime colour is in the flowers; the colour of winter is in the imagination.”

Therefore, when looking at the right temperature for wine cooling. It is essential to preserve in the correct environment. Or to be kept at room temperature depends on the wine lover’s collection that needs to be stored. Thus, determining how to approach this crucial fact needs to be researched before buying a tall slim wine cooler.

All Wine fridges from Bodega43 mustn’t go below 46 degrees fermentate. Wine fridge experts will guide you in selecting the temperature between 50 – 59 Fahrenheit. Consult the manual included with your slim wine cooler.

Red or white wine temperatures

For example, the correct temperature for red wine is between 45 to 65 Fahrenheit. But for the connoisseurs who want the optimal temperature to be flawless. It needs to be set precisely at 55 Fahrenheit.

In addition, white wine collectors see the optimal temperature in a wine fridge as 45 to 55  Fahrenheit. This temperature is needed to preserve the taste of the type of wine. That is usually consumed over a shorter period.

Other factors that can mess with your wine collection.

How other factors can mess with your wine fridge

Indeed, other things can influence the temperature of a wine cooler. Humidity is one of them. If the moisture level is not in perfect working condition, you should purchase a charcoal filter for your unit.

Also, one of the factors that can have an effect is the waiting time before you plug in your tall slim wine cooler. You should wait around 24 – 48 hours before connecting it. Always place your unit in a space away from direct sunlight, as UV rays can also affect the temperature and wine taste.

Your impressive wine collection

You can describe your collection as being an “amassing” process. And in saying this, you might feel that would impress more people.  This is a quick fact that might help showcase your tall slim wine cooler as per the units seen by your beholders. Some units can make your collection seem even more unique, with LED lights included in these units.

In addition, a tall slim wine cooler can be a significant part of your home’s decor. So if you are considering buying a tall or compact unit, consider the best space to put it. For example, some wine connoisseurs would appreciate them in their man cave or kitchen, where they have the best impact. At the same time, regular beer or cold beverage coolers or fridges come in versions of a tabletop unit that does not have the same visual impact and can only store a limited amount of bottles. A tall slim wine cooler comes in a higher version and would take more bottles to store.

In conclusion, When you own a wine cooler, ensure that you keep it in the proper working condition. Keep the unit out of direct sunlight to keep the humidity right, and remember that all wine coolers are a great addition. But if faults occur in the above, always have a look through the user manual or consult with an expert.