All You Need To Know About Free-Standing Bathtubs

When you have had a long day, all you want to do is lounge in your tub and relax. Notably, the type of bathtub you have will determine whether this is a possibility. When planning a bathroom remodelling project, you have to decide on the type of bathtub you need. One type that you can choose from is the free-standing bathtub. Read on to understand this type of bathtub.

What is a Free Standing Bathtub?

A free standing bathtub is one that is not attached to the wall or a surrounding deck. This feature allows you to place your tub in the position you like in the bathroom. At the same time, you need to ensure that the tub is inches away from the wall.

There are two types of free standing bathtubs that you can select from. One that is directly placed on the floor and another that is mounted on feet. Note that, even though it is possible to relocate this type of bathtub, it is not easy.

Different Styles of Free Standing Bathtubs

You should know that there are various free-standing bathing tubs that you can choose from in the market. With this, inevitably, your taste and preference will ultimately be satisfied. The type that is common in most traditional homes is the single-ended bathtub. For this, one end is slant which makes it suitable for lounging. The other end is for the faucet and drain.

The second type is the double-ended tub. Both ends are slant, which means that you can lounge on either side. For convenience, the faucets on the double-ended tub are placed in the middle. There are also single and double sleeper free standing bathtubs.

The single slipper is similar to the single-ended tub as one end is slant. The difference is that the end is much higher. This allows you to be in an upright position when taking your bath. For the double slippers, both ends are high.

Materials Used to Make Free Standing Bathtubs

In the past, the common materials used to make this type of bathtubs were natural stone and copper. This has, however, changed as the popular materials are high-quality acrylic and solid surface. These materials are the best because of the durability aspect, and they are easy to clean.

How to Decide on the Free Standing Bathtub to Buy

Available Space

One aspect to note is that free standing bathtubs take up a lot of space. This is because they have to be away from the wall. Therefore, to ensure that the room is not cramped, ensure to get the right tub size to suit the available space.

Taste and Preference

With an array of options, you ought to decide on the tub that suits your needs more. Picking the right free standing bathtub will help you achieve an elegant look in your bathroom.

As seen above, free standing bathtubs will help you make a bold statement in your bathroom. You should also know that these tubs are heavy and when water is added, the weight adds significantly. To ensure that the bathroom floor does not crumble, reinforcing it is a necessity.