Causes of Leaking Roofs and How to Fix Them

The leaky roof of the house certainly disturbs you and your family, sleeping is not soundly until the house is filled with buckets. Besides making the walls and ceiling damp. Leaks can also harm you. You can call roofing company Winnebago County WI to check and repair your roof if there is a problem roof.

It could be that water dripping on the part of the electricity in the house is problematic, causing a short circuit. Of course, you don’t want the house to get damaged or the safety of all family members being threatened because of leaks, right? So that rainwater does not erode your roof so that it becomes porous.

Here are the things that cause the roof to leak and there are also things that are often overlooked but actually trigger leaks. Check out the explanation below.

The Cause of the Roof Leaking

  1. The roof that you rarely check, sometimes this is often overlooked. Checking the roof is of course very important because you can find out what is the cause of the leak.
  2. Improper drains are one of the most common causes. Clogged drains will certainly create puddles on the roof of your house. This will create moisture on the wooden roof and leak.
  3. Damaged roof tiles, roof tiles, or what is known as Flashing have the function of protecting tiles from dust or water. When this layer is removed, it will be easier for dust and water to enter the house. Generally, this is caused by extreme weather
  4. Broken roof membrane, the membrane is an important part of the roof. Its own function is to protect the roof from wind, rain, and hot temperatures. If the membrane is damaged, water will easily flow into the house.
  5. Leaking pipes, another cause is that the pipes attached to the roof are too thin so that water can easily penetrate them.
  6. Tiles that have been damaged or shifted sometimes extreme weather makes your house tiles damaged. Not only that, but strong winds can also shift the position of the tiles so that there are gaps that allow water to enter the house.

Things that are Often Overlooked When Repairing Roofs

In this rainy season, of course, you have to detail the things that trigger leaks, to make it easier for you. The following is the explanation:

  1. Check the air vents

A roof that is too damp is also one of the causes of leaks. To avoid the occurrence of porous, try to make sure your house has a good air circulation system. Draw a window or a hole in the side of the roof or under the hood so that the space in the roof of the house remains dry. You just need to make a medium-sized air vent.

  1. Check and repair the caulk area

All you need to know is that the roof that is often repaired sometimes has a lot of caulk areas. These areas are generally covered with a protective leak-proof layer. This putty is indeed water-resistant and various extreme weather.

But over time, the putty on the roof of your house will also be damaged or caught by water. So that small pores appear on the surface, so rainwater will easily seep and enter the house. For that, pay special attention to the area of ​​the putty. You can replace and refill some of the problem areas. In addition, do the replacement repair regularly and as soon as possible.