Tips to Repair the Screens of Brampton Windows

Just like big damages on window screens can be replaced by new ones, small holes and patches from small accidents need attention or repair before they become irreparable. It does not only allow a person to practice skills but also give an idea of how to maintain a home at low cost.

Be sure that holes should be not more than 3 inches in diameter so that they become barely visible when filled properly. Larger holes are also repairable but workers would have to make more efforts and invest more time, which means unpleasant screen appearance and more money investment. So, it’s better to click here and follow this brief guide in order to know window screen repair procedure with no help:

  • Patch the Screen:

The first and foremost thing is to know the type of window screen. Normally, there are two types of screens- vinyl-coated fiberglass and metal. They may look alike from distance but the pliancy and softness of fiberglass creates a difference. Metal is evidently stronger and firmer and therefore, less glittery. Fiberglass screening is the easiest as it only needs to push the broken bulging parts back to the hole’s center and bind both ends with a nail polish. It forms a discrete patch that doesn’t last for a long time.

  • Make Own Patch:

To do so, buy a similar but a bit larger patch screen and cut it is such a way that its outer edge remains out of the hole to take up the shape of the patch. For fiberglass screening, household scissors can be used while for aluminum screening, protective gloves and tin snips are important as metal edges are dangerous.

  • Replace the Window Screen:

When Brampton windows have badly damaged screens with irreparable holes on wire or fibre edges, they look unpleasant and become an easy target for bugs to come inside. They make replacement the only option since it is the easiest way to get rid of patching. To begin with, take out the moulding frame with a chisel and disengage the staples. Take measurements and cut replacement window screens with scissors or tin snips for fiberglass and metal accordingly. Be sure to cut in the exactly same shape and size. Place the new window screen and use staples to fix it. Use nails for finishing touch on the main frame. If someone is using non-wood framing, be sure to handle a narrow groove around the frame. Take a spline roller and stuff the edges.


All in all, it can be said that the screens of Brampton windows are quite easy to repair until and unless they are severely damaged or broken. If anything serious happens, homeowners would have to call a professional contractor to get things done. Their representatives would tell the estimated time and appropriate method repair damaged Brampton windows and doors.