7 Causes of AC Not Cold

The presence of air conditioners is very important for modern society today because it is able to provide cool air with temperatures that can be regulated at will. AC is sold with a variety of sizes, advantages, capacity, to the price.

The problem that often haunts AC users is AC that is not cold. This phenomenon is often a nightmare for some people because they will overheat and lead to the inability to do activities and work more productively. If you need the best AC repair service, just contact Kenosha Heating and Cooling Kenosha Wi. The cause of the cold air conditioner can be from external or internal factors. Therefore, let us look together in more detail the cause of the air conditioner is not cold.

AC filters that are not routinely cleaned

One element that supports AC performance in delivering cold temperatures is the AC filter. Filters are useful for filtering impurities in the air conditioner. Over time, the dirt will clog the filter so that cold air is not able to penetrate out.

Dirty AC condenser

Not only the filter, but dirty AC condenser can also be the cause of the AC is not cold. The condenser is located outside of the air conditioner which is useful for heating the refrigerant gas (freon) at a certain temperature. Same with the filter, if the condenser is dirty, it will not be able to carry out its duties to the maximum, namely the cooling process.

Refrigerant (freon) that has run out or leak

Refrigerant is a gas that is useful in the process of cooling the room. The famous refrigerant brand is Freon so refrigerant is better known to the public by the word freon. Freon that runs out could be the cause of not cold air conditioning. Its characteristics are ice freezing in the AC pipe, the air conditioner is leaking, and the sound of hissing due to leakage.

The long-term impact of the cause of the AC is not cold is the AC freon that leaks can be inhaled and endanger the health of our bodies, such as respiratory problems to death. To avoid the effects of the cause of this not cold air conditioner, immediately contact an AC technician to fix it.

Incorrect thermostat settings

Mistakes in setting the temperature of the air conditioner can interfere with your comfort while working or just relaxing in the room. For example, your room temperature is 23 degrees Celsius but you have an AC temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. This is clearly wrong because the air conditioner emits temperatures higher than your room temperature.

Therefore, you must set the temperature of the air conditioner correctly. If the room temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, set the AC temperature below that number, for example, 18 degrees Celsius or 20 degrees Celsius.

Doors and windows open

When you turn on the air conditioner, do you make sure that the doors and windows of the room are tightly closed? If not, maybe this is the cause of the air conditioner not cold. Doors and windows that open a little can affect the temperature of the room so it feels not as cold as usual.

AC size that does not fit

Could be the cause of the air conditioner is not cold is the selection of the size that is not appropriate. AC that is too small obviously cannot provide bursts of cold air in a large room. If the cause of the AC is not cold this happens, it’s good if you replace it with a larger AC.

AC internal technical problems

If the six causes of AC not cold above do not occur, there may be a problem in the internal parts of the AC machine. To overcome this, you should contact the AC technician as soon as possible. He will check the condition of your AC engine, find the cause of the AC is not cold, and fix it.

That is the seventh cause of not cold air conditioning that usually occurs. In order to keep your AC durable, you must be diligent in caring for it by checking and cleaning the condenser and the AC filter once a month. Besides durable, you can also prevent the cause of the air conditioner is not cold. If the AC performance decreases even though you have fixed it, maybe this is the time for you to replace it with a new AC. Ideally, AC can last up to 15 years.