Covid recovery with the latest technologies

The whole world is suffering from the Covid-19 and its consequences. Proper nutrition and care about your whole organism is not enough to overcome the difficulties that can come after the disease. With the help of qualitative medical assistance, you can reach the best treatment results and overcome the most common symptoms during Covid recovery.

Together with Vitality Medical and Research Center, you can get the best medical care based on the Stem cells therapy.

Stem cells power 

Stem cells are the unique type of cells that can encourage your body to regenerate and begin self-renewal processes. The power of your own organism will help to overcome the Covid consequences, which can be really dangerous.

The most common symptoms of Post-Covid period include:

  • insomnia
  • stuffiness
  • lung damage
  • fatigue
  • joint and chest pain
  • occurrence of blood clots
  • vision problems
  • memory impairment

All of these points can negatively affect the whole health state, both physical and mental. We in Vitality can not afford to deteriorate the life quality of our patients, that’s why we use the latest technologies that improve all systems and organs function – for your best well-being.

Vitality individual approach

All people are different and special, particularly for the health aspects. Vitality professionals create and adopt every Stem cells Program according to the every patient test results, health state, requirement, complaints and wishes.

We have different approaches separately for men and women, because of differentiation in hormonal balance, medicine impact and many other tiniest aspects.

All of these factors are crucial for the treatment process in Vitality to reach the best results.

Vitality main benefits include: 

  • Inclusive experienced staff of doctors, which devote all their knowledge towards the well-being of patients
  • Vitality own technical base (own laboratory, Stem cells bank, donors bank) to supply the best quality material for the treatment process
  • High level of safety, which is ensured by several steps of examinations for patient, clarification and prove for genetic material
  • Professional follow-up even after discharge to be sure in your good health and results
  • Translation and transfer/accomodation support for our foreign clients who come to Ukraine with the main purpose – take the benefits from the highest quality Stem cells therapy

Covid 19 recovery rate is becoming more and more insufficient. The best help for your after-disease organism – will be Vitality Post-Covid Stem cell therapy. The newest technologies, the latest equipment, the most supportive personnel which provide all-round care during the whole period of your stay, and even after discharge.

For patients who have undergone COVID-19, Vitality specialists have developed special treatment programs using cellular material from the umbilical cord. Experience the therapeutic effect of the Stem cells treatment approved by the specialists from the whole world.

We are licensed and certificated by the Ukraine Ministry of Health – your health under the discrete eye and control.

Vitality Medical and Research Center – your health is the main significance, mind it!

Before using the Stem cell therapy Procedure, be sure to consult with your personal doctor to exclude individual contraindications and specificities.