Know the Painting and the Problem

The result of the painting depends on the preparation of the surface to be painted. Proper preparation will make the paint job more fast, easy, and low cost, in addition to providing a good final result, a layer of paint is more durable, in addition to choosing the right product. To minimize errors when finishing, you should submit to the experts, namely Pro Plaster n Paint.

When painting both old and new walls, the first thing to do is to choose a color that suits the function of the wall to be painted, choose a color that suits your taste, the next step is to determine the brand of paint that suits your budget.

How do we know the quality of the paint we use? Quality paint has a minimum of four functions that must be possessed including dispersal power, power cover, easy to apply, and safe for environmental health. Indeed, the higher the quality of paint, the price will be more expensive, because, in addition to the four main points above, quality paint will have added values ​​such as weather resistance, anti-fungal, not fading, easy to clean, can close hair cracks and additional fragrances.

Another thing is to choose a paint that is safe and environmentally friendly. Currently, on the market, there are still many products sold that do not pay attention to aspects of health and the environment, because the raw materials used still contain additional metals of mercury and lead/lead. Both of these materials have the potential to endanger humans if they continuously enter the body.

Success in Painting

Several things affect the success of wall painting, the most influential is the quality or quality of the wall. The problem that often arises as a result of poor wall quality is usually mottled like, a bubble coat that is bulging, etc. Meanwhile, if you use low-quality wall paint, the problem that often occurs is liming, the color is faded, etc.

All you have to do to start the painting process is to prepare the surface to be painted. Make sure the wall surface is clean and dry to prevent peeling. Do painting during the day. Start from the window. headed to the inner room. When painting the entire room, work starting from the ceiling which is passed to the wall near the window sills, doors, and then to the bottom. Do the disposal of waste when painting because we must be responsible for the environment by avoiding dumping waste/paint residues into the drain. Finally, let the rest of the paint dry in the container before being thrown into the trash.

Following these simple instructions will make painting easier, saving time, money and effort. Because the correct surface preparation will give a better finish and a surface that is said to be more durable, don’t try to paint a thick layer. To paint three layers following the recommendation of mixing water more than one thick layer, try to provide sufficient paint for the area to be painted by calculating the size of the area to be painted, do not paint on a wide area at once. Limit the field of painting between one to two square meters once painted. Just proceed to the next field, Pay attention to the easy instructions on the paint packaging before work.