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Museum Renovation FAQs

Renovation is without doubt one of the best investments you make on your house. The Museum has plans for future projects to renovate the east and the west wings, including updates to the infrastructure and exhibitions. It could be tempting to get that cool patterned tile that you simply see on Pinterest, however opting for things comparable to a better quality faucet moderately than designer cement tile will save you cash down the road (of course, when you have the finances, get the tile too, because patterned tile is wonderful).

C.1400, renovacyoun “non secular rebirth,” additionally “rebuilding, reconstruction,” from Middle French renovation (13c.), or immediately from Latin renovationem (nominative renovatio) “a renewing, renewal; a relaxation,” noun of action from past participle stem of renovare “renew, restore,” from re- “again” (see re- ) + novare “make new,” from novus “new” (see new ).

Based on three examples of Constructing Renovation Passports” in the Belgian region of Flanders (Woningpas”), France (Passeport Efficacité Énergétique”) and Germany (Individueller Sanierungsfahrplan”), constructing renovation passport are centred around the combination of technical on-website vitality audits and quality standards established in dialogue with constructing owners.

They have two rules for the work that line their hallway: Every artwork …