Your House is Leaking? Use Products from The Sydney Roof and Building Supplies

The roof of the house is a protection that is used to protect from the blazing rays of the sun and rain water. A leaky roof is certainly a very important issue for your comfort at home. Especially if you live alone and away from the crowds so that you are required to be independent in caring for and repairing your home. Don’t worry, if you buy tile on the Sydney Roof and Building Supplies, it is guaranteed to be durable. The following is how to deal with leaky roofs as follows:

Water Proofing Can Be A Choice

Weather is one of the factors causing your roof to leak. Especially if it has entered the rainy and windy season. Some of the causes of the structure of buildings experiencing leaks other than weather factors include excessive load and shrinkage of durability. For your house that has a house roof from no concrete, use a waterproofing coating. After the concrete is casted and has undergone a waterlogging process for 7 days then a waterproofing coating is carried out. With waterproofing coatings, the pores in the structure of the building will become smaller and water resistant.

Adjust the position of tile

A leaky roof can be due to the incorrect position of the house tile. To overcome the sagging tile you can attach nails to the batten located below it. This nail can block the tile so it doesn’t sag down. Also make sure the slope of the roof is at a slope of 30-40 degrees for ceramic tiles. For asebs, it takes at least 15 degrees and make sure to replace the already broken tile. Also clean the roof of dirt, sand and moss deposits so it won’t easily make your tiles crack, You Can Also Install Plastic Under The Roof.

Before installing the roof you can coat the bottom with plastic. After installing the foundation wood, then proceed with a new plastic roof. This plastic can protect raindrops or rubbish from entering narrow spaces. This method has often been done in housing in rural areas.

Clean Gutters

Dirty gutters can also trigger leaks at the house. gutters can be dirty because the leaves are molt. For that you need to clean this part of the gutter regularly and not to accumulate this dry leaf litter for long. Clean the rubbish in the water flow so that it does not inhibit the rainwater that flows on the roof of the house. Not infrequently the attic also experiences heat so that it makes several cavities at the bottom of the tile. You need to use insulation and turbine mounting materials to make cross ventilation. Adequate ventilation will not make the attic too hot.

Fix Leaking Water Pipes

If your house roof leak occurs because of a leaky drain pipe, do repairs immediately. Damaged water pipes will lift the flow of rain water and start eroding your roof if left unchecked. Damaged sewers will block waste that should be disposed of in your house. Porous gutters and broken pipes need to be replaced with new pipes.

Waterproof Paint

Thanks to the technological sophistication now there is also water repellent paint that can help protect your home to the fullest. Cover the roof of your house with waterproof paint so it is safe when the rainy season comes. Not only the roof of the house but also the walls of the house so that it is not easily exposed to water seepage which also helps weathering the walls of your home. This waterproof paint can also protect the walls of your house from mold and is stronger for longer than ordinary paint.