Facts About Storage Units

Self-storage is a popular invention that has been used by many businesses and individuals. All the equipment and materials you use daily can be stored easily. These units may seem simple but there are a lot of things that we do not know. Here are five fascinating facts about self-storage.

1. Self-storage has been around for a long time

Fort Lauderdale is the first place to have a modern, self-storage facility. Research shows that the Chinese use self-storage to store items they don’t want around their home. The items stored in these units included family heirlooms, extra slippers and other items which were too large to be displayed at home. It is different from the way self-storage facilities are used today, but can still be considered a precursor to the current trend.

2. Self-Storage is more commonly rented on a long term basis than a short term basis.

Self-storage units are rented by many people for their convenience. Many people who rent a storage unit for less than one year end up renting it longer. These Virginia Beach storage units will help you find the perfect unit for your needs.

3. Self-storage is not recommended in metropolitan areas.

It is not correct to assume that storage facilities are only located in large cities. Other cities like Wichita in Texas, Tulsa in Oklahoma, Madison in Wisconsin, Knoxville Tennessee, Spokane Washington and Baton Rouge Louisiana are smaller. These regions have unique storage hotspots. Wichita is home to a large Air Force Base where many people travel for their jobs. They may have to stay to finish a task. Some people choose to store their possessions instead of moving them into a living space.

4. Self-storage is a great option for many reasons

Self-storage units are available for rent by small families or individuals. These units can be used to store extra clothing, furniture and musical instruments like handpans and cutlery. Some people store their old books at self-storage facilities that are specially designed to not pose any health risks. If an old book is exposed to the weather, it can be irreparably damaged by mold growth. These units are used by businesses to store products that they can sell later.

5. Self-Storage Units are on the Rise

Self-storage has become a popular segment in the real estate industry. Self-storage is a growing segment of the real estate market. The self-storage industry is very profitable. The industry generates more than 24 billion dollars a year and pays over three billion in tax. Self-storage units are even more common in the United States than McDonald’s.

Renting storage space is not a bad idea if you’re worried about additional costs. There are many websites that offer listings of car and storage space at reasonable prices.

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