Trees In Stress?

The drought continues to affect trees and plants. Your plants may have been struggling. While it can be disappointing to lose plants, dying or sickly trees can pose serious risks to your home and neighborhood.

Your trees can suffer from the effects of drought stress. They can attract pests, diseases, lower the value of your property, and even start wildfires.

What is drought-related stress?

When plants and trees are deprived of water for a prolonged period, they suffer from drought stress. Due to their weak root systems, woody plants and trees are more susceptible to drought stress. To prevent serious and even fatal damage, it is important to recognize signs of drought on trees and shrubs.

Look at the leaves for early signs of drought stress

A leaf scorch is a sign that trees are under stress due to drought.

Early detection is the key to protecting the beauty and health of your trees during drought. Early detection of drought stress will reduce the risk that your tree is destroyed.

Look for signs of drought stress in your trees’ leaves:

  • Leaf curling: The leaves have a curled, drooping appearance.
  • Leaf scorch Causes leaves to turn brown and discolored on the outside. Pine needles turn yellow (see photo above).
  • Leaf defoliation: the leaves fall before or during the fall, or on evergreens
  • Smaller leaves New leaves will appear smaller than normal
  • Stem dieback is caused by a lack of nutrients.

Trees can suffer long-term effects from drought stress

Trees can die from drought sickness and their effects on the environment are long lasting.

Trees suffering from drought stress can have adverse effects.

  • Tree Fall: Dead trees can pose a serious risk to your safety.
  • Invasive pests: Wood boring beetles and other invasive insects can infest trees because of their weak state. If pests are not removed or treated by professionals, they can spread to other trees.
  • Trees with severe drought sickness are more susceptible to mildew and fungus, which can spread to adjacent trees. Drought stress may lead to wood rot and other diseases, including sunken, grayish, and root rot.

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